This article focuses on the changes in RAN in mobile networking evolution from 2G through 5G.
This article has been designed to assist those who are making budget decisions on telecommunications equipment in order to maintain their existing networks.
In short, a hub glues together an Ethernet network segment, a switch can connect multiple Ethernet segments more efficiently and a router can do those functions plus route TCP/IP packets between multiple LANs and/or WANs; and much more of course.
Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Both OSPF and EIGRP are Dynamic Routing Protocols. Dynamic routing protocols allow routers to select the best path according to real-time logical network layout changes. The main feature of dynamic routing protocol is its ability to re-route traffic when more optimal paths become available or when links along the most optimal path fail.
In most countries, even some African countries, it is claimed to have 99+% mobile network coverage. However, we still experience call drop-outs, noise during a call or slow mobile internet from time to time. These are issues caused by so-called coverage blackspot.
RJ, which means Registered Jack and 11/45 is merely the number assigned to the interface standard.
Some may confuse refurbished telecom equipment with used or second-hand ones. However, there is a big difference. Refurbishment is to restore used equipment into a condition of safety and effectiveness comparable to when new, while used or second-hand equipment are simply equipment that has been in service and is put into service again without any processing.
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Over the year, base station antennas have evolved with the mobile communication technology, e.g. omnidirectional antenna, directional single-polarized antenna, cross-polarized antenna, electric tilt antenna, MIMO (multi-In, multi-out) antenna, active antenna and etc.
According to a research from, South Africa ranks 101 out of 206 countries on the broadband internet cost in the world. In addition, Sub-Saharan Africa fared worst overall, with all but six of the 35 countries in the region with the most expensive broadband prices. If you are unfortunately in these regions, this article could help you escape your local ISP and get internet at a faster speed and probably at a much cheaper price.