Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Over the year, base station antennas have evolved with the mobile communication technology, e.g. omnidirectional antenna, directional single-polarized antenna, cross-polarized antenna, electric tilt antenna, MIMO (multi-In, multi-out) antenna, active antenna and etc.
According to a research from, South Africa ranks 101 out of 206 countries on the broadband internet cost in the world. In addition, Sub-Saharan Africa fared worst overall, with all but six of the 35 countries in the region with the most expensive broadband prices. If you are unfortunately in these regions, this article could help you escape your local ISP and get internet at a faster speed and probably at a much cheaper price.
E-waste, or Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), is discarded electrical or electronic devices. Here are some facts about E-waste.
GBIC and SFP modules are both transceivers which are hot-pluggable, meaning they can be loaded into and out of a working telecommunication switch without the need for powering down. What are their differences?
1. Save your budget 2. Upgrade the network equipment building standards 3. Reliability 4. Better warranty 5. Maintaining compatibility 6. Save on software licenses 7. Cheaper and easier to maintain 8. Hedge against obsolescence 9. Sustainability 10. Testing new technologies
This tutorial covers fiber optics and fiber optic cable, including the definition, type, application and advantages.
Tuesday, June 16, 2020
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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Fiber optic cable is an excellent medium for the transmission of data, due to its flexibility, low cost and high performance. However, it is more expensive to install. This is because it needs to be installed and tested by specialists and special test equipment is often required. Therefore, choosing the right equipment for the job would save you both time and money.
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Layer 3 switch is not a router, as it lacks WAN functionality. Let alone other prime functionalities like MPLS, NAT, firewalling, tunneling and etc. It is designed to improve routing performance across different VLANs on layer 3.
Equipment is expensive and you may not have the budget to buy it new. You can always go with used or refurbished equipment. This would make it cheaper for you, and yet equip you with enterprise-level network hardware.