Product Quality

Telecom Easy is in the process of acquiring ISO9001 and TL9000 certifications for each of its offices. We do not compromise on quality, we ensure that each item is properly tested by using different techniques and test equipment.


Computerized testing

Telecom Easy is equipped with the proper tools to perform different test procedures on various equipment such as RRU (Remote Radio Unit) for LTE, 4G, 3G and on optical modules, etc.


Manual testing

Telecom Easy´s engineers have developed different manual testing procedures that aim to eliminate any malfunction, software incompatibility, physical damage, electrical overheating, disconnected wires and the alike.


Test documents

Our test procedures are based on procedures and techniques that the equipment is performing according to customer´s expectation. The result and the methods are confined in documents so that the end-user can replicate the test if necessary.



Telecom Easy has a solid reputation within the industry. Underpinning this is an experienced team of technicians who have been refurbishing and repairing our line of used products for over 10 years.

Through our refurbishment process, our technical team offers a cost effective way than the procurement of OEM maintenance contract or procurement channel.

Telecom Easy's refurbishment process is tuned to individual customer needs and the specific product including:

  •   Strip units / products down to individual parts
  •   Screen and prepare the products
  •   Re-spray the products
  •   Removal of Stain and rust
  •   Pad print in accordance with customer specification
  •   Re-assembly of units
  •   Re-packaging

At each stage of this process we apply robust internal Quality Control procedures to ensure that the optimal finish is consistently achieved with maximum customer satisfaction and benefit.