Product Logistics

Equipment Storage and Warehouse Management

Telecom Easy is constantly striving to build warehousing facilities for strategic stocking of equipment closer to our customers.

In Sweden, we have a 600 square meters warehousing facility which is equipped to facilitate all storage and handling requirements. Thus, we provide our customers with dedicated storage and distribution services.

Our storage approach is totally in line with industry standards so that the equipment is kept well protected, free of humidity and at the right temperature.


Environmental Responsibility

For many years now, we have implemented our internal policy aiming to minimize environmental impact by reducing our contribution to municipal landfills by recycling all waste material as much as possible.

In addition to cutting costs, there is also a direct benefit to the Environment as products are recovered to support the repair process instead of ending up as landfill.

Telecom Easy maintains environmental objectives and targets that are measurable and consistent with the European Union environmental policies.