Ericsson AIR 6488

Antenna Integrated Radio Unit
Manufacturer: ERICSSON

AIR 6488 is a 64TR TDD AAS for NR. It has a maximum IBW of 100 MHz and
maximum transmitted power of 80 W (200 W for B41K, B42, B42F, B42G, and
The AIR unit has beamforming and MU-MIMO technology, capable to fully utilize
radio resources in both azimuth and elevation.
The main benefits compared to previous macro solutions are improvements in:
— Enhanced coverage - High gain adaptive beamforming
— Enhanced capacity - High-order spatial multiplexing and multi-user MIMO
— Advanced RAN features - Vertical and horizontal beamforming
— Improved network performance - Low inter-cell interference
The AIR unit is designed for outdoor installations, intended for pole, wall, tower,
or mast mounting.
HWACs are required for this product.

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